Neil E. Klepeis, Ph.D.
Environmental and Behavioral Health Scientist
I perform research and development at the following institutions:
  • Senior Research ScientistETR, a 501(c)(3) non-project organization 
    devoted to Improving health and increasing opportunities for youth, families and communities. ETR advances health equity by designing science-based solutions.
  • Senior Research Scientist:  Machine Contingencies,an R&D group focused on developing technology-based behavioral interventions with real-time feedback.
Exposure Science
Using technology to improve our habits and our lives
Using my background in physical science, computing, chemistry, physics, engineering, and public health, I study interventions to help individuals achieve their behavioral and environmental goals for better health and well being.
I work at the Intersection of Technology, Health, and the Environmental and Behavioral Sciences.

I embed Principles of Physical Science and the Science of Behavior into Health Interventions and Educational Applications

The tools of my trade are Data Science, Sensors, Smart Homes, Environmental Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Analytics, Visualization, Network Analysis, Web Applications, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

I have published seminal studies on secondhand smoke exposure in everyday locations -- and used this knowledge to develop the first real-time and simulation-based interventions to reduce smoke exposure in homes and vehicles.

Towards better health for humans and the human race
The frantic pace of technology development presents unprecedented challenges for people, nations, and the human race. But it also offers opportunities to offset negative impacts, regain, sustain, and reinvent our humanity, and improve our lives and our futures -- as individuals, as cultures, and as a species living on planet Earth. We must learn how to coexist with and benefit from the power of smart technologies, ultimately forging partnerships and friendships with all citizens in the coming Age of the Machines.