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Welcome to my professional website. Here you will find information on my projects and publications. I perform research at various universities and private companies.

My field is human exposure science. You may be asking yourself what that means. Well...it means that I study how contaminants in the environment come into contact with people. Knowledge of these processes is useful in identifying hazards and the magnitude of their risk to human health.

The process by which exposure occurs can be quite complex, and exposure depends on the physical and chemical attributes of a given agent, as well as the social and physical behavior of the person who is being exposed and his/her social and physical environment.

Exposure science is an emerging field that melds the study of pollutant dynamics with the study of human behavior. Exposure science is at the nexus of traditional physical and social science fields -- including physics, chemistry, sociology, psychology, and geography.

The analysis of human exposure is an applied science that aims to explore and understand a wide variety of technological and eco-behavioral strategies for protecting human health from the effects of toxic environmental pollutants.

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