Scientific Software

LBL LNG, an exposure and indoor air quality simulation model written in R for determining the impact on residential pollution and human exposures associated with liquid natural gas (LNG) usage in California, 2010 to present.

Port Buddy, a Perl script server for reading, processing, and transmitting real-time data streams from any environmental monitor via a generic computer serial port connection (e.g., RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.); 2009 to present.

Process.Monitors, a sophisticated R script for processing large quantities of real-time data contained in any number of individual files with arbitrary formats; 2008 to present.

Sidepak Buddy, a Perl script for presenting real-time airborne particle levels from a Sidepak aerosol monitor on a computer screen. Used by Dr. Klepeis in live televised demonstrations of secondhand smoke concentrations inside vehicles in Hollywood (California), Salt Lake City (Utah), and Little Rock (Arkansas); 2007 to present.

heR (Human Exposure Research), a sophisticated R software package for human exposure research containing routines for exposure simulation, time-activity analysis, indoor air quality, and a variety of statistical and plotting functions; 2002 to present.

THEM (Total Human Exposure Model), a BASIC program for simulating total human exposure to airborne particles for populations; 1994.