A Short Biography

As a young scientist, Neil Klepeis was trained as a physical and theoretical chemist at Colgate University (BA degree) and Stanford University (MS degree). He has done research on molecular structure elucidation using electron diffraction and on the characterization of molecular vibrational energies using quantum chemistry.

Subsequent to his work in basic chemistry, Dr. Klepeis became interested in environmental science, receiving a Ph.D. in environmental health from the University of California at Berkeley in 2004. His Ph.D. work was focused on the study of indoor air pollutant dynamics and human exposure through computer simulation and controlled chamber experiments.

In addition to his modeling work, Dr. Klepeis has performed several tobacco smoke air pollution monitoring studies, including a recent study on outdoor tobacco smoke. Since he began working in the exposure field in 1993, he has published many articles and reports on the nature of tobacco smoke exposure.

Most recently, Dr. Klepeis has initiated research with colleagues in the behavioral health and policy fields that aims to educate the public, health practitioners, and policy makers on the hazards of environmental exposures and devise better resource use.